Novedades Idea Books mayo y junio

31 May

Os anunciamos las novedades disponibles de Idea books de mayo y junio.

En Arquitectura destacamos El Croquis 189: Alfredo Paya, Toni Girones, Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia, The Secret Life Of Date Palms, Socialist Architecture – The Reappearing Act, Reactivate Athens, GA Houses 151: Project 2017, Villages And Towns 3: Mediterranean Sea, Windowscape 3, Monu 26: Decentralised Urbanism, The Wasted City Approaches To Circular City Making y Emanuel Cederqvist – Observatoren.


En Arte: Rechts/ Averechts – Plain/ Purl, Notes On Ghosts Disputes And Killer Bodies, Juan Cruz Catalogue: It Will Seem A Dream, Sportification: Eurovisions, Performativity, And Playgrounds, Artists On Hanne Darboven, Spring Tide – Van Zoetendaal & The Collection, Long Live The Glorious May 7 Directive, Scandinavia 11th Issue 2017 Spring/summer Realness, Michael Wolf – Tokyo Compression Final Cut, Henk Wildschut – Ville De Calais, Francois Goffin – Muss Es Sein? Es Muss Sein!, Bert Teunissen – On The Road, Everglades, Painted Desert, Orna Wertman – The Day The Earth Shakes, Na Kim – Set (revised Edition)… entre otros.


Y en Diseño: Redstone Diary 2018: Play, My Residence 2: Scandinavian Interiors From Residence Magazine, Macguffin 4: The Sink, Skateboarding Annual 3 y Sofa Issue 02 Summer 2017: What Are Cyber Hearts Made Of?


New May June



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