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The story behind Recluta

14 Nov

Zelmira Frers
The Story Behind Recluta

258 pages
110 photographs
24.6 x 30.6 cm / 9.69 x 12.05 in 1,61 kg. / 3.55 lb

Design & edition
Ezequiel Diaz Ortiz in dialogue with Zelmira Frers CMYK Buenos Aires

English edition
ISBN: 978-987-88-0404-0

Spanish edition
ISBN: 978-987-88-0402-6

Price 75€

The Story Behind Recluta is the tale of a nautical epic that began in 1942 and spanned nearly 80 years. It narrates the story of a 67 feet wooden sailing boat that traveled across generations, and is one of Germán Frers’ —renowned yacht designer— closest to his heart projects.

The story has been recreated and documented by Zelmira Frers, photographer and daughter of Germán Frers, in a book of immense historical, aesthetic and emotional value.

The book is composed of 258 pages of photographs and dia- logues of profound beauty capturing, for the first time ever, the intimacy of the creative process of designer Germán Frers and his team of nautical artisans.

Zelmira Frers has navigated from a very young age a universe of multidisciplinary creativity as an architect, creative director and photographer.

Three years ago she started working on her book: a document of enormous beauty and historical value that portrays the construc- tion of Recluta, a legendary design by her grandfather which her father Germán Frers took over and finally built, honoring the epic story of the ship. Zelmira aimed her lens at the process, the details, the work environment and the hands of the nautical artisans who made it possible.

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